Too often we hurt so deeply we cannot express it...


Be a voice.

Sarah Adalyn: Photographer/ MUA/Model/Singer/Songwriter/Designer Disco Wizard Producer/Singer/Songwriter/Artist

Sarah Adalyn: Photographer/ MUA/Model/Singer/Songwriter/Designer Disco Wizard Producer/Singer/Songwriter/Artist

Everything I do is to create. Whether I am creating new music with Disco Wizard or I am creating graphic novels. I primarily just create all day everyday. I have High Functioning Autism, CPTSD and Anorexia and have for many years, so I struggle to do almost anything away from home. This makes me the perfect candidate for creating for people like you. Lady Adalyn is a singer, songwriter and storyteller with an assertive and empowering message to tell to anyone who has survived narcissistic abuse. She speaks heavily on the topic and has been seen on Youtube discussing many personal and emotional topics on this matter. Lady Adalyn doesn't hold punches and she's very real and open with who she is as an artist and survivor. Her producer Sam Vidal is a multi-talented young man who produces all the music they make. Sam calls himself Disco Wizard publicly and amongst musicians. You can find his work on youtube and spotify!

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We calculate damage done to our cars, in accidents. We get insurance on our homes and our LIFE even. We value our safety, yet Narcissism runs rampant in the background. Sneaking into our security systems...Into deep parts of our lives. This is what I talk about. This is what needs to stop. We deserve to take the insurance initiative in mind about our emotional and mental and even physical state. If calculated, a narcissistic relationship would cost each victim THOUSANDS if not more, just to recover. Why waste your time and money being ignorantly blind?


What to Expect from these videos

  • Awareness for Narcissism Abuse

  • Better goal setting and self love

  • Getting involved with helping the world