If you're reading this, you're tired. You're exhausted, even. You struggle to go outside. You're struggling to look anyone in the face. You feel like a walking nutcase, but most of what you do involves sitting or being stationary. You see books in the library or in stores and see the titles. You think to yourself "Wow, I bet that could really help me.” But you then think to yourself all the work you have to do and how there's no way you'd get to reading it. Maybe you're self loathing thinking there's absolutely no way someone could understand what you're going through, so how could a book? Many times books have so much in them, great things we can absolutely learn from but never get the opportunity too because we are just too sick. We're already crippled by so much that we cannot fathom adding another thing to our to do list. When you're bleeding out, do you read a huge manual on how to stop the bleeding? Do you go to stores and browse what you may be experiencing? Sit down with a cup of coffee on a model room couch that has a bonsai tree on the table in front of you? No. You call for help. INSTANT HELP. And this is why I am offering you help now.

You're in peril NOW. You're bleeding out everyday. With every insult your husband gives you. With every emasculating thing your wife or gf said during sex last night. With every judgment your friend made about what you chose to do as a career instead of being a stay at home mom. With every silent walk you made passed unloving parents who never acknowledge your talent and achievements. With every oddly passive aggressive thing someone said to you that made you question your existence...It's all churning in you, confused, angry and emotional. You're bleeding out. You're going numb. But you can't call the therapist, she's busy on Sundays. You can't attend a get together with friends and have a breakdown about how you think the neighbor is purposely killing your pets. These things are crazy. You sound crazy. Who will listen to you? So you sink into a personal Hell of Purgatory between what will crush you or make today just a little more worth it. Is it candy? Is it romance movies? What is it? Weed? Drugs? Family drama? Sex? Money? Whatever it is, it's not the way life is meant to be lived.

You are suffering from the effects of narcissistic abuse. Now, I'm no doctor or psychologist but I have watched those I love scramble for answers about their abuse because they just cannot make sense of them without being TOLD by a professional. Some people refuse therapy all together and scratch their heads wondering what the miracle cure for their slow emotional death is. If a therapist said "Leave your partner, he's abusive." most people wouldn't blink before they dumped the sack of shit. But somehow you? Insignificant, unknowing you? You can't come to these conclusions alone? What makes you so incapable of seeing your own hurt as a reason for a better life? You have been the only you for as long as you have lived. Who gets to charge you a hefty bill to tell you what your body tells you everyday? "I'm miserable". "This person makes me so sick". But we come up with reason after reason for why we can't listen to our body's plea. News flash, Narcissists know how to confuse your mind NOT your body. And sure the mind can make the body react. But that's it. The body breaks down in unhealthy environments. Every single day that you walk the earth, you have a full on medical system. A mobile laboratory of sorts that is customized to all your needs. It's with you when no one else is. Your body was there when you were born and its witnessed everything. It even keeps galleries of your old work on display from the teen years you spent cutting yourself. Self harming to say "Someone see me." Your body experienced it all and still does.

It hears the harmful things people say to you and it grows to decay with the inability to control what your mind thinks of it. If you're ugly and fat, why should it metabolize more? If you're stupid and unimportant, why should it remember anything? If you're slow and weak, why should you have any cushion between your bones for falls? If you just shouldn't be alive, why should it fight to be present at all? Do you see? Who else does this sound like? It sounds exactly like the Narcissist.

This is an excerpt from my book I am releasing in 2019! I hope you can benefit from my services. You deserve a voice.


There's only one of me, but I am now opening up my time and phone line to you and your needs. If what you read resonated with you at all, you deserve to know that you can have help here and now. Once I get the opportunity to have my own location for it, I will be opening a hot-line that is specialized in answering calls for people in need just like you. But for now I answer your calls individually and give you one on one time to discuss your situation. Narcissism is so commonly ignored as a confusing misunderstanding to the public, but when you've been exposed to the dysfunction of it all your life you can feel stranded even by professionals. Years ago I had no support and I had to pay insane amounts of money to get the knowledge I have now, but I find it disturbing that healing has to cost us $150+ a session because of therapists overhead and insurance companies. I've been answering calls, taking emails and listening to survivors and victims for many years and we have something in common...Im still on my journey through recovery. I'm here to validate you. I finally see my value and after multiple people telling me to stop helping so many people for free I am finally offering my services for a fee of $60 a call. If you watch my channel or just follow me in general you know I am not a licensed therapist and never say I am. But I am a survivor of severe Narcissistic abuse, CPTSD, Anorexia, Sexual abuse and Sexual Anorexia. I have been writing a book and building charts and documents for people that need it, and with these calls you can get access to them! I'm excited to start my journey as a recovery coach for you guys. Thank you for all your support. If you would like to set up a call with me just visit my website and choose the option to purchase your call! If you'd like a consultation, you can email me!


If you're looking to get on a Recovery Coaching plan you can set up a monthly fee to get sponsorship through you issues with the Narcissist. This gives you access to day or night calls, emails and voicemails. I have my own recovery and life as well as a family to care for, so when I do not answer please understand I will get back to you. If I am not healthy I cannot help anyone. We are all working through recovery after this much trauma. I can absolutely do my best to help you through this.


Therapy sessions are something you absolutely need to take seriously when you've dealt with trauma and narcissistic abuse, but when you cannot get a session in the time frame that you need it you deserve to be heard no matter what. By working through some programs I have been able to be a sponsor to many people throughout my recovery and so I am offering my services to you in this way.

You have access to never seen material by Lady Adalyn.

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